Reader's Choice

Welcome to The Day's 2015 Best of Readers' Choice Awards
Recognizing THE BEST businesses and individuals in southeastern Connecticut!

The Best of Reader's Choice contest asks YOU, the reader, to nominate and then vote for your favorite businesses and individuals in southeastern Connecticut in close to 200 categories for things like food & dining, arts & entertainment, shopping, health, fitness, beauty, and services.

The contest takes place online only and begins with a nomination period followed by a voting period. The top five businesses or individuals nominated in each category will advance to the final voting round; from there the top three from each category will be determined.

Nominations are open March 16 - April 12.

To participate, you must first login or register by clicking the "register/login" button (below) and enter a valid email address. If you have registered for any of The Day's contests in the past, after entering your email you will be directed back to the ballot to make your nominations. If this is your first time registering for our contests you will be asked to complete a simple registration form and then be directed back to the ballot. Nominations made using fake email addresses will be disqualified, ballot stuffing is not permitted.

To make a nomination, select the overall category in the left column, then select the secondary category in the center column (i.e. Food & Dining -> coffee), type in your nomination, and click "Nominate." The entry will be automatically submitted and will appear in the drop down once it has been approved as a valid candidate for the category. When submitting your nomination, if possible, please include the town where the business/individual is located.

Voting will take place from April 19 - May 22.

When nominations are counted to determine which businesses or individuals made the final voting ballot for each category, in the event of a tie for 5th place a random drawing will be held by The Day to select the 5th choice for voting.

The winners will be announced in June in a special section in The Day.

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